For the businessman time is money, a currency of discrete values to be efficiently earned, zealously saved and frugally spent, always cautious, even fearful, of wasting it.

For the disciple, time is a continuous golden thread woven out of his own substance wisely shared in service.

The heartbeat, our timekeeper, is both continuous and discrete. Its discrete pulsation is the visible rhythm of our individual will synchronizing with the universal heartbeat.

Life keeps flowing between heartbeats. The invisible but continuous stream of life in love can only be stymied by a skipped heartbeat, a sign of a weakened heart.

Let’s keep our hearts healthy, always in time and on time, synchronized to the all encompassing rhythm of the will of God.

May our lives naturally fall in love with the eternal Presence, like the birds sing, like the flowers bloom, fearlessly. JB

Author: jebmd

Editor, NGSM.org

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