Agni Yoga in Cataclysms

Agni Yoga applied to large-scale and violent events in the natural world.

Tsunami Japan 2011 (Spanish)




  • Profound attentiveness: revealing the inner (symbolic) meaning hidden in outer circumstances.
  • Serene expectancy: mitigating the anxiety associated with the uncertainty of unpredictability.
  • Perfect adaptability: minimizing personal resistance in facing events beyond individual control.


Case study: Major Earthquake in Puerto Rico

Background:  Financial bankruptcy declared in PR in 2017. Category 4/5 Hurricane Maria hit PR on Sep 20, 2017.  Island-wide power outage, lasting for months in significant urban and rural regions of the island.

Event: Earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on Epiphany Day (January 6, 2020). Last major earthquake in PR: 1918.

Methods: On the Sagittarius Full Moon of December 2019, I brought my Tibetan singing bowl to mountainous Adjuntas and played it in front of the Sleeping Giant, leaving some vibratory field activated there … which now may be of use to appease the elements … employing a topographic map of the island I can lay my hands on … soothing the affected coastal areas… from the mountaintop … in the full moon of Capricorn.

Topographical Map of Puerto Rico




Image result for municipios de puerto rico


After a 6.4 earthquake hit Puerto Rico, @NASA is using satellite data to help federal/local agencies identify potential damages. Earthquakes cause permanent changes to the ground surface–comparing data before and after the quake helps map those changes:


Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir – The Perfect Jewel- Sacred Chants of Tibet






Photos by JB

December 2019
Adjuntas, Puerto Rico












Chintamani by N. Roeich


Casa Pueblo


Sunrises in Puerto Rico

by JB