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Hierarchical Democracy, Agni Yoga and the Plan




Agni Yoga, the Practice of the Presence

Three preliminary steps
for which the practice of alignment should have prepared the student of the higher mysteries. These steps must precede all effort to develop the intuition, and this may take several months (or even years) of careful preparation. Fire is the symbol of the mind and these are the first three stages of the Agni Yoga discipline, or of the yoga of fire, for which Raja Yoga has prepared the student.

  • Profound attentiveness, the evocation of the stage of spiritual “tension.” It is a tension brought about by complete control of the personal self so that it is “fitted for contact with the real,” like the tension of a taut string attuned to a musical note ready to resonate at a certain frequency.
  • Adaptability of the Soul-infused Personality. The Personality becomes pliably receptive to the life of the Soul, achieving a state of fusion with the Soul, or solar Angel, as it eliminates the “points of frictions.”
  • Serene expectancy. The holding of the mind steady in the light of the Soul, which remains the attitude of the lower self for the entire remaining period of work, held at the point of tension by the Soul and not by an effort of the personality. The Soul undertakes this holding when the personal self has done its utmost to achieve the desired tension.

Next stages in the Technique. These must be thoroughly understood and form the basis of prolonged brooding and intelligent reflection, carried on whilst the daily avocations and duties are being performed and not carried out at certain set times. The trained intuitive or disciple lives ever the dual life of mundane activity and of intense and simultaneous spiritual reflection. This is a suggestive formula for a more advanced meditation attitude, not a meditation form.

  • The (Monadic) Presence. Keep a definite and sustained effort to sense the (Monadic) Presence throughout the universe in all forms and in all presentations of truth. This could be expressed in the words: “the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which has brought all forms into being”. This effort is primarily to see in the light which the solar Angel radiates the point of light behind all phenomenal appearances.
  • Intuiting the Purpose. Having sensed the (Monadic) Presence – not theoretically but in vibrating response to its Existence – next comes the stage of the ascertaining of the Purpose, the effort to achieve an understanding of that which through the medium of form is seeking to embody the high purpose at any specific point in the evolutionary cycle.
  • The triple light of the intuition. To carry some world problem, some design which has evolved in the mind or the heart of the disciple for the helping of Humanity, into what is esoterically called “the triple light of the intuition.” This light is formed by the blending of the light of the personal self, focused in the mind, the light of the Soul, focused in the solar Angel, and the universal light which the Presence emits.
  • The interludes. After relinquishing of the Higher (Monadic) Way and returning to the solar Angel (refocusing in the Soul),
    • a pause or interlude for constructive thinking, under the influence of the solar Angel;

      the turning of the mind to the formulation of those forms of thought which must embody the revelation; and


      then again, a pause which is called “the pause preceding presentation.”

  • Fiery ordeal. The presentation of the revelation of the imparted truth and its precipitation as a formulation of the lower concrete mind is achieved. It is a GROUP revelation. The group is needed to protect the individuals from “some of the fire within that which is revealed” as it “wings its way back to the source from whence it came; some of it serves to destroy the revealer, and some to burn those who recognize the revelation.” This phase of Agni Yoga may only be INDIVIDUALLY practiced by those group-conscious initiates who can penetrate beyond the solar Angel into the place “where fire dwelleth,” and where God, the Presence, functions as a consuming fire and waits for the hour of total revelation. 


  • Final Stages of Precipitation (see Rules on White Magic)


[Adapted by JB from the Technique of the Presence (Glamour: A World Problem) by Alice A. Bailey.]

The Christ

The Lord Looked at Peter


by Herbert Beecroft*

[Photo credit: John Wesley’s House & The Museum of Methodism]




Keep close in touch with Me and with the Master who surveys your life.
With Us are found the forces of the living Light and Love which you must use.
Keep close to us, and day by day draw on the strength
And knowledge which We have and which is also yours.
Let naught disturb the acquiescent calm which keeps you close in touch,
Which brings you light and understanding
And keeps you steadfast on the Way.

Source: I Stand and Wait by Alice A. Bailey


* It is not entirely clear why [Herbert Beecroft] decided, at the age of 41, to emigrate to Australia. He did much the same kind of thing there, making a good living, and it was there, in 1927, that he painted his most famous picture. He was a devout and life-long Methodist, and the story went that one day, after a time spent in prayer, he had a vision of the face of Christ. This he set down in oils, and it was subsequently copied many times.

I can remember a copy of it hanging of the wall of my Sunday school superintendent, and finding it distinctly unnerving. It had the caption: “And the Lord turned and looked upon Peter……..and Peter remembered.”


Geometric Tarot

The purpose of this essay is to consider possible numeric, geometric , musical and cosmological keys that may prove useful in deciphering the archetypal code of the CBD Tarot of Marseille. In Part I, the reader is introduced to the methods of inquiry. In Part II, the implications of this inquiry — related to the practice of Agni Yoga — are discussed.


There are 22 Major Arcana Tarot cards, and there are 22 — and only 22 — regular polygons with integer sides and angles which can be inscribed in a circle.[1] This coincidence suggests a cyclic (sinusoidal) pattern, as well as a “foolish” quest for the “squaring of the circle.”

Furthermore, the sides of this series of 22 polygons can be factorized as products of the prime numbers 2, 3,and 5, like in the 5-limit just intonation.[2]

Table 1. Factorization by prime numbers 2, 3 and 5.

2a x 3b x 5c = 3,4,5,6,8,9,…,40,45,60,72,90,120.

(for a=0,1,2,3; b=0,1,2; c=0,1)


However, the polygons of 360 and 180 sides, corresponding to a point and a line, do not have “conjugate” polygons in a 2-D plane. Conjugates are pairs of polygons in which the  number of sides in one correspond to the central angle degrees in the other. For instance, a triangle (3 sides) and a dodecontagon (120 sides) are conjugate polygons because their central angles are 120 and 3 degrees, respectively. The product of these two numbers always equals 360.

The triangle (3) is the first regular polygon of the remaining 20 polygons inscribed in a circle; the dodecontagon (120) is the last. The octadecagon (18) and the icosagon (20) are positioned at the midpoint of the series.

When we sort the 22 cards of the CBD Tarot of Marseille in reverse order, as shown in Table 1, and align them with the corresponding inscribed polygons, a semicircular (V) pattern emerges (Figure 1), with the Wheel of Fortune serving as the point of return corresponding to the conjugate polygons of 18 and 20 sides.

Figure 1



Therefore, there may be a 2-3-5 musical key to the Mysteries. Also, three octaves comprise 22 notes. The 5-limit just intonation generates 22 inscribed polygons, pointing to mathematical and geometric keys of the Mysteries, as hinted herein. A cosmological key may also be present — As Above, So Below — as in the Tree of Life, in the Sepher Yetzirah and the 22 letters of the Kabbalah alphabet.

Sepher Yetzirah

The 3 Mother Letters would correspond to the Triangle, the Square and the Pentagon: the factorization by the three prime numbers 2, 3,and 5 (“primordial” polygons) manifesting the Father, the One.

The 12 Simples would correspond to: 1, (2), (3), 4, (5), 6, 8, 9,10, 12,15,18, 20, 24, 30.

[30 is the end of the “simple” series, for a=b=c=1]

21 x 31 x 51=30

The 7 Doubles ([30 x 2 = 60] x 2 = 120) would correspond to: 36,40,45,60,72,90,120.

The point (1) and the line (2) precede the 2-D polygonal figures, whose respective archetypes begin to externalize (manifest) with the triangular polygon.

A Cubic Tarot


Three orthogonal axes of direction: East-West, North-South, Above-Below.

Six faces and the center: the Seven Rays (1-7, 2-6, 3-5 and 4 at the center)

Twelve edges: the Three Crosses of the Zodiac (Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal).

The Antahkarana Helical Bridge
3 + 7+ 12 = 22


The Probationary Path of the Prodigal Son, from the birth of the Fool to the Magician stage, has a turning point (Wheel of Fortune). This point must be crossed again, on the Way of Return, now led by the Soul — the true Magician within — back to the Source of all Light. The Fool has been transformed into a Buddha, the Enlightened One, an Initiate of the Mysteries (revealed on the Day of Judgment).

Figure 2. CBD Tarot of Marseille.


However, the order of the steps to be trodden in the Fool’s Journey is not lineal, but rather, labyrinthine, as shown in this 2-D rendition of a multidimensional process.

Figure 2 

Prime Generating Symmetry of the Number 22


Source: https://www.virtuescience.com/22.html

As shown in Figure 2, any two numbers linked by a line add up to an irreducible prime number, signaling a new beginning in a path of many trials and errors, back and forth, ups and downs, until the Light of the Word — the Word of the Light, the true Archetypal World — is revealed.

[Archetypal cosmology] recognizes the multidimensionality, the intradimensional variability, and polyvalence of astrological archetypes, which underscores their inherent indeterminism [archetypally prophetic, but not factually predictive].
-Glenn Perry

The Practice of the Presence, as practiced by Brother Lawrence and Hedwig Lewis (At Home With God), could be understood as viewing life like a series of daily snapshots (“cards”) of meaningful coincidences (Jung’s synchronicity) presented to our consciousness for continuous contemplation (the last stage of Patanjali’s Raja Yoga). The practice of contemplating the Tarot cards may be viewed as a tool to hone this “spiritual reading” skill as we weave our “continuity of consciousness.”

The “three directions” of Agni Yoga  — the yoga of the Practice of the Presence — are profound attentiveness (mindfulness), serene expectancy and perfect adaptability. These correspond to the Will, the Love-Wisdom and the Intelligence of the practitioner. These three directions — when employed on each of the 7 days of the week, and on each of the 12 months of the year — may reveal meaningful associations related to the 7 rays (musical  notes or colors) of our psychological constitution, and to the 12 houses and signs of the zodiac in our birth charts. This practice may provide a “spread layout” of our personal Tarot cards in real life, unique to our specific circumstances.

How many times have we paused to reflect on the significance of apparently casual encounters and “co-incidences” related to archetypal figures of authority  —the Empress [3] and the Emperor [4]— and teaching  —the Popess [2] and the Pope [5]— represented by bosses, parents and advisors in our daily lives? The Lover card [6] may remind us of the choices that we make with consequences that accompany us for the rest of our lives. “The Chariot [7] and the Hermit [9],” according to  Ben-Dov, “can represent two opposites. The Justice card [8], with its scales and sword, can be weighing them one against the other, as well as ‘cutting’ and choosing between them in a particular moment.”  And so on, as so well described by Yoav Ben-Dov in his rendition of the Fool’s pilgrimage. 

We are all “Fools,” in the Christ’s sense: “Truly I tell you, anyone who does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” (Luke 18:17)

May this outline help others — and myself —  find the hidden keys deciphering the ARCHETYPAL code of the Tarot, to the Glory of the One.



Possible astrological correlates of the Tarot
by JB

(# and * marked as semantically exchangeable)

22 Fool Mercury (Hermes)
21 World Houses
20 Enlightenment (Judgment) Aries
19 Sun Leo
18 Moon Cancer
17 Star Ascendant
16 Tower Saturn#
15 Devil Pluto
14 Temperance Sagittarius
13 Untitled (End, Death) Pisces
12 Hanged Uranus
11 Force Mars
10 Fortune Jupiter#
9 Hermit Neptune
8 Justice Libra
7 Chariot Scorpio
6 Lovers Gemini
5 Pope Capricorn
4 Emperor Taurus
3 Empress Virgo*
2 Popess (Priestess) Venus*
1 Magician Aquarius

Theories of contrast in nature

In addition to the doctrine of the Sefirot and the letters, the theory of contrasts in nature, or of the syzygies (“pairs”), as they are called by the Gnostics, occupies a prominent place in the Sefer Yetzirah.

Seven pairs of contrasts are enumerated in the life of man:

  • Life and death (JB: Rays 1/7)
  • Peace and strife (JB: Rays 2/6)
  • Wisdom and folly (JB: Rays 3/5)
  • Wealth and poverty (JB: Rays 3/7)
  • Beauty and ugliness (JB: Ray 4)
  • Fertility and sterility (JB: Rays 2/5)
  • Lordship and servitude (JB: Rays 1/6).


Tarot of Cosmic Consciousness
(Sacred Geometry and Tarot)

  • Circle: (Dot in center) A beginning, Oneness (1) FATHER
  • Vesica Piscis: reflection of the One (2) MOTHER
  • Triangle: Multiplication (3) CHILD
  • Square: Order, stability (4) FOUR DIRECTIONS (crucified FOOL in the World)
  • Pentagon: Processes of life, Law of Analogy (5) SOUL, LIGHT (Third Eye)
  • Hexagon: Perfection, balance, harmony (6) COSMIC SEX (Love)
  • Heptagon: Eternal The (indivisible) VIRGIN (7)
  • Octagon: Expansion and contraction (8) PYRAMID, SOUND (Pranayama)
  • Nonagon: Completion Processes of life (9) INFINITY
  • Decagon: Wholeness (10) HEAD, PERFECTION (Human Kingdom)
  • Hendecagon: (11) HANDS, MAGICIAN
  • Dodecagon: HEART (Lotus), COMPLETION (Deva Kingdom)

Adapted from:


The Divine Feminine is not Feminist

International Women’s Day 2019

See adjacent text.

Today we pay homage to the Divine Feminine, the archetypal mother and wife, as an equal Partner of the Divine Masculine, the archetypal father and husband.

Modern feminism may be construed as an ideology of equality and sameness. I fully agree with the principle of equality. I take exception, though, with the pursuit of sameness, a gender neutral ideology pretending to negate the natural and universal Law of Polarity.

For instance, I disagree with the image of women in the battlefront, waging wars like men. Equality by imitating men is not progress, but rather, a regression to the mean. In this case, a regression to the frequently mean goal of waging unjustified wars to achieve ephemeral peace.

We need more men to imitate women’s natural approach to conceiving and giving birth to peace, rather than the masculine way to impose peace by defeating an enemy. Permanent peace can only result when justice is born, socially and internationally.

I agree with the image of women as rulers of countries, bringing their experience, formal and informal, as accomplished professionals, as well as wise mothers and wives, to decide the fate of the soldiers they will send in harm”s way. We need the balance of women’s and men’s wise judgment in governing, and in declaring just wars.

Today we pay homage to the Divine Feminine, discerning between equality and sameness. The former is progressive; the latter, rather regressive, regressing to the pre-Edenic stage of undifferentiated gender.

The future holds the promise of a post-differentiated fusion of gender. That time is not yet, though. In the meantime, here and now, women keep inspiring men to be better men, as men keep inspiring women to be better women.

Archetypes, according to Plato and Jung, are meant for that purpose, as uplifting ideals for the progress of humankind.

So may it be.


PS: I understand the controversial nature of this statement. It is not my intention to stir controversy. Instead, I intend to present a point of view from a spiritual, but not religious, perspective. If it serves to simply stimulate conversation with an open mind, detached from ideological straitjackets, my objective has been accomplished.

Excerpts from Reviewer #1:

… the esoteric point of view …  we are moving toward androgyny – as the youth today seem to be expressing in their way of thinking – not identifying themselves as either male or female – they’re simply humans.

Like you, I do not identify with traditional feminism. I find it abhorrent that women go into military battle.  Their insistence on having done so is now karmically coming home to roost. We heard on the news a few days ago men are now demanding to make a new law that women be required to enlist in the military (be drafted) the same as men because women are now allowed to engage in battle, whereas before they did not.  To your point, ‘equal’ does not mean ‘the same’.  Of course, because we know something about rebirth, some of these women may have had a recent life as a man and remember the pull of battle.  What a dilemma.   But your points are “spiritual”, they are about consciousness.

We need to distinguish higher and lower masculine and feminine traits or tendencies.  It becomes clearer when we speak about ray energies (hard line and soft line rays), qualities, and positive and negative polarity, rather than gender differences.  For example, I do not find it true that the feminine is equated with love and the masculine is not, or that the masculine is equated with intelligence and the feminine is not.  Or that one is soft and the other is strong.  Both have all these qualities.  All can and do love.

Also, at one level the soul is genderless.  At another it is considered feminine whereas humanity is considered masculine.

And – we have the subtle distinctions of masculine / feminine vs. male / female.  The former are states of being in the realm of consciousness, the latter are physical facts.

Reviewer #2: Thank you for this splendid article. I deeply resonate with all of the ideas so clearly voiced, especially regarding discernment between sameness and equality. Although it is true that “the future holds the promise of a post-differentiated fusion of gender” it is also true that “that time is not yet”. Equality by imitating men is indeed not progress.

One feminine voice in the world making a difference is that of Arianna Huffington who writes and speaks of what she calls “The Third Metric”, a new way, a third way, of measuring success in our now dysfunctional world and workplaces.  The first two measurements have been Money and Power. The third new measurement should be: Well-being, wisdom and wonder. And she speaks also of “The Third Revolution”: ” The first revolution was women getting the vote, the second was getting an equal place at every level of society…’  adding that this revolution is still unfinished. “The third revolution is changing the world that men have designed. It’s not sustainable. Sustainability is not just about the environment, it’s personal sustainability….When we succeed at making these changes, not only are we going to have a lot of grateful men because they are paying too heavy a price, but we’re going to have a lot more women at the top. Many women currently leave the workplace because they don’t want to pay the price.”

And now we have women who leave the military because they don’t want to face the abuse.

This is telling us that the struggle should not be to have an equal place but to create a new place, a new way of being, where the best of the masculine and feminine principles complement each other for a harmonious and saner world.

Another important voice is that of Marianne Williamson, Democratic candidate for President of the United States. She quotes Gandhi: “Politics should be sacred”. She says this means, it should be approached from the level of the heart, the reverent, devotional aspect of ourselves. Would we not then take better care of our children, wage more peace than war? She does not emulate the male approach but speaks profound truths.  The media is completely ignoring this voice of the Divine Feminine.

There is indeed “much that needs undoing in belief systems”.






Esoteric Lent 2019

[HBH] To “summon the Soul of Humanity to Life.”

I call you to prayer and to meditation for both are needed today, fusing as they do the emotional and mental bodies into one aspiring whole. I call you to discipline, for that is the meaning of fasting, and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time; this is so often a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world’s need, aspirants and disciples who are willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy.   (EOH, 353)

[JB] The Soul, with capital S, summons the Personality to experience and express the Life of the Monad. The soul, with lower case s, is the center of consciousness of the Personality.

The bridge between the soul, in the highest sub-plane of the concrete mind (the mental unit), and the highest sub-plane (atomic) of the abstract mind is the Antahkarana, woven by the Soul-infused Personality.

Prayer and meditation need a third vertex of action to complete the triad of service. In service, mind, emotion and skill in action converge on the physical plane to meet a need, human and planetary.

The Power of Meditation, the Loving Prayer and the Enlightened Action, in wise, loving and effective service. This fiery synthesis is Agni Yoga, the Practice of the Presence, “the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time.

This “call to the discipline of living at the highest possible point all the time – a (practice) for rising to and stabilizing higher consciousness in the upward spiral of the initiatory journey,” is Agni Yoga, a life lived from the constant “point of tension” of the Soul, the Angel of the Presence, in profound attentiveness, serene expectancy (Advent) and perfect adaptability.

Discipline and practice: two words that merit reflection. Discipline is an act of will. Practice is an act of love. Discipleship training involves both discipline and practice in order to skillfully serve.

“The initiate considers service as the spontaneous, easy expression of a definite soul contact, brought down on to the physical plane and giving insight, practicality and inspiration to the disciple as he works on the outer plane of expression.” – DINA I, 84


From: Esoteric Advent
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2019 5:30 PM
Subject: Invitation to Esoteric Lent – Begins Wednesday March 6 – on the New Moon of Pisces

Dear Friends of Esoteric Advent,

This Wednesday, March 6 (Thursday, March 7 in the South Pacific) – on the New Moon of Pisces, we shall begin the sacred ritual process of Esoteric Lent – which is a “call to discipline” to “live at the highest possible point all the time”— in preparation for EASTER and the THREE ANNUAL FESTIVALS highlighting the year.  In this period, we shall move to unfold and stabilize yet another vibrational rung(s) on the ladder of the rising Christ – as individuals and as a consecrated Group, flowering the Soul of Humanity through which the Saving Force flows for all the Kingdoms of Nature.

In this purpose, when we work together as a group Soul, we summon the Soul of Humanity to Life.

Of this “call to discipline” the Master DK (MDK) has much to say to broaden our cooperation with Them.  Here follows an excerpt:

I call you to prayer and to meditation for both are needed today, fusing as they do the emotional and mental bodies into one aspiring whole. I call you to discipline, for that is the meaning of fasting, and to the constant effort to live at the highest possible point all the time; this is so often a dream but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world’s need, aspirants and disciples who are willing to make at least consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy.   (EOH, 353)

We are in the preparatory years of the Advent and “Appearing” of the Great Ones and The Christ.  There is a balance needed between God Transcendent (what the Piscean Age brought forth) and The PRESENCE or God Immanent (what the Aquarian Age prescribes).  This too is an Advent – God Immanent is the manifestation of God through all forms:

“God Transcendent eternally exists, but can only be seen and known and correctly approached by God Immanent—immanent in individual man, in groups and nations, in organised forms and in religion, in humanity as a whole and in the planetary Life Itself.”    (EOH, 355/6)

In God Immanent, we manifest.  Between now and Easter Holy Week, the Esoteric Lent focus will be “a call” to the discipline of “living at the highest possible point all the time” – a training so to speak for rising to and stabilizing higher consciousness in the upward spiral of the initiatory journey —individually and as a consecrated Group in the rising Soul of Humanity. When we work together as a group Soul, soul-focused energy is greatly magnified. We work for Humanity as saviors in Christ.

In our preparations for the “Appearing” of the Great Ones and The Christ, let us be renewed in our call “to discipline” to “live at the highest possible point all the time.”

Halina Bak-Hughes and Sheldon Hughes for Esoteric Advent and the Soul Star Group

To participate, go to www.EsotericAdvent.org – Esoteric Lent



For the businessman time is money, a currency of discrete values to be efficiently earned, zealously saved and frugally spent, always cautious, even fearful, of wasting it.

For the disciple, time is a continuous golden thread woven out of his own substance wisely shared in service.

The heartbeat, our timekeeper, is both continuous and discrete. Its discrete pulsation is the visible rhythm of our individual will synchronizing with the universal heartbeat.

Life keeps flowing between heartbeats. The invisible but continuous stream of life in love can only be stymied by a skipped heartbeat, a sign of a weakened heart.

Let’s keep our hearts healthy, always in time and on time, synchronized to the all encompassing rhythm of the will of God.

May our lives naturally fall in love with the eternal Presence, like the birds sing, like the flowers bloom, fearlessly. JB

La Quinta Rosacruz

El destino me condujo a la Quinta Rosacruz en Aibonito el pasado jueves 29 de enero.

A finales de los 1970s había visitado Aibonito por primera vez con mi abuelo, Francisco Becerra Landrón, cuando me mostró la casa donde nació.

Mi abuelo carpintero

Luego, a principios de los 1980s, como médico de pacientes de Aibonito en el Proyecto de Migrantes Agrícolas en Cidra, pude visitar hogares de pacientes en los barrios de Aibonito. En una de esas visitas, un contacto local me llevó a ver el óleo de un antepasado mío, Diego Becerra, pintura expuesta entonces en un salón de la casa alcaldía.

Diego Becerra Muñoz

Don Diego Becerra Muñoz, propietario del Hotel San José del Roble (1898), fue alcalde de Aibonito en el 1932. Su padre, Diego Becerra Otero fue hermano de Francisco Becerra Otero, el abuelo de mi abuelo. El padre de mi abuelo, Francisco Becerra Zayas, murió a los dos años de vida de mi abuelo, partiendo su madre viuda, Francisca Landrón Otero, a vivir con su hermano Enrique Landrón Otero, administrador entonces de la Central Azucarera Cambalache en Arecibo. Enrique Landrón Otero se convirtió en el padre adoptivo de mi abuelo, empleándolo de adolescente en la Central y pagándole sus estudios de ingeniería mecánica en Tulane, Nueva Orleans, capacitándolo así para trabajar como ingeniero en la Central. Mi abuelo nunca regresó a vivir en Aibonito.

En algún momento cuya fecha no puedo precisar, mi abuelo me entregó copia de una monografía que resumía la genealogía familiar Becerra, oriunda de Caguas y extendida a Aibonito. Fue escrita por Don Diego Becerra Muñoz y esa copia le fue entregada a mi abuelo por su nieto Herbert.


Hermanos José y Enrique Becerra López, nietos de Francisco Becerra Landrón

Así he podido establecer mi linaje familiar, complementado por entrevistas personales en reuniones familiares a través de los años. Con la reciente muerte de la hermana mayor de mi difunto padre, José Becerra Otero, se cerró permanente la fuente mas fiable que me quedaba para documentar mi pasado familiar. O así pensaba yo hasta visitar la Quinta Rosacruz la semana pasada.

El óleo de Don Diego había sido adoptado en un nuevo hogar, la Casa Museo Degetau en Aibonito. Allí nos reencontramos Don Diego y yo, a la vez que conocí la ingente obra de Federico Degetau, tan bien salvaguardada por Angel Miguel Rivera Rolón, un ángel que inmediatamente reconocí como un amigo de antaño, de otra familia, la espiritual.

He encontrado muy poco publicado de la obra Degetau, pero el lema de su vida, que se encuentra incrustado lapidariamente en la Quinta Rosacruz, me tendió un puente para acercarme a su vida y a su obra. Ese lema es: ama y trabaja.

En ocasión del centenario del nacimiento de Federico Degetau (1862-1914), Angel M. Mergal Llera escribió una biografía espiritual de Federico Degetau. Mergal muy acertadamente describe a Degetau como un “hombre simbólico” que “siendo tan isleño fue también tan universal”. Su obra fue su vida y su vida se resume en su lema: ama y trabaja. “Eso quiso ser Degetau”, nos dice Mergal, “un colaborador en el cumplimiento del destino histórico de su terruño. Ama y trabaja sintetiza su vocación hacia la plenitud, sentida como grandeza espiritual en la pequeñez geográfica de su isla. Eso quiso ser, índice hacia plenitud, y eso fue”.

Federico Degetau. Oleo en Casa Museo Degetau

Esa “vocación hacia la plenitud” puede bien resumir el sendero de búsqueda del Santo Grial de la Rosa y la Cruz ,el Amor de la Rosa (el Verbo) y el Trabajo en la Cruz (el Cáliz) . Nos revela Mergal que en 1903 a Degetau le fue conferido el grado masónico 33 del rito escocés estadounidense en Birmingham, Alabama por el Consejo Supremo para Alabama y Puerto Rico. Uno de los grados del ritual masónico se conoce como el Caballero Rosacruz, según lo describe Aldo Lavagnini (Magister) en su libro Manual del Caballero Rosacruz.


Cuando Degetau muere todavía no se había fundado en Puerto Rico la organización AMORC, una versión moderna de esa antigua tradición que comparte con la masonería esa “vocación hacia la plenitud”. Por lo que pienso que quizás sea más probable que la alusión al ideario rosacruz en la Biblioteca Rosacruz de la Casa Museo Degetau esté más relacionado al grado masónico de Caballero Rosacruz que a pertenecer entonces a una organización rosacruz.

También nos revela Mergal que Degetau había estudiado la Doctrina Secreta, libro publicado por Helena P. Blavatsky en 1888 en Nueva York. La publicación de este libro inauguró una nueva dispensación de enseñanzas espirituales para el mundo occidental, continuando la tradición masónica y rosacruz. La Doctrina Secreta fue actualizada en el siglo XX por Alice A. Bailey, quien transmitió enseñanzas espirituales más avanzadas, que a su vez serán próximamente actualizadas por otra vertiente procedente de la misma fuente original, unos venerables Maestros que residen en las montañas azules de los Himalayas. Algunos de esos Maestros de Compasión y de Sabiduría han vivido entre nosotros a través de la historia, como lo hicieron Pitágoras y Platón, representados simbólicamente por los venerables Maestros de la tradición masónica.

El lema ama y trabaja que ya San Benito había adoptado para su Orden como Ora Et Labora, nutre las raíces de esa misma tradición esotérica. El contraste entre orar y amar es iluminador, así como el contraste entre trabajar y servir.

El brazo vertical de la cruz prometeica del sacrificio humano invoca lo divino -ora- para que el amor de la divinidad, inmanente en nosotros, se exprese a través de sus brazos horizontales como servicio sabio y amoroso. Cuando oramos, como lo hace el girasol, invocamos un poder superior que nos ama y al que amamos y que encuentra su justa expresión horizontal en el servicio del trabajo redentor, ese que redime, espiritualizando alquímicamente todo lo material. Esa es la “vocación hacia la plenitud” que inspiró la vida de Federico Degetau y que con su lema lapidario nos insta subliminalmente a seguir en su Quinta Rosacruz, en clave musical pitagórica.

En el centro de esa cruz hermética de servicio amoroso se encuentra una rosa pentagonal, la rosa mística del corazón intuitivo, el Santo Grial de los Templarios.

Fuente: Manual del Caballero Rosacruz por Aldo Lavagnini

El sendero ígneo hacia ese centro místico se forja golpe a golpe, verso a verso, con nuestras propias vidas, haciendo camino al andar, como ora el poeta:

Caminante, son tus huellas
el camino y nada más;
caminante, no hay camino,
se hace camino al andar.

Al andar se hace camino
y al volver la vista atrás
se ve la senda que nunca
se ha de volver a pisar.

Caminante no hay camino
sino estelas en la mar…

Así anduvo Federico Degetau. Apenas nos dejó estelas en la mar, reflejadas en cada amanecer cuando el Lucero del Alba irradia la Quinta Rosacruz en las montañas azules de Aibonito.

Degetau nos legó su lema de vida: dos verbos primordiales inmanentes en el Misterio del Cáliz y el Verbo. Así como el Padre amó a la Madre para procrear al Hijo redentor de las almas, nos corresponde amar y trabajar para construir un futuro digno de la raza humana, un futuro glorioso que restablezca el Plan de Amor y de Luz en la Tierra y selle la puerta a todo mal.

La Gran Invocación

Desde el punto de Luz en la Mente de Dios,
Que afluya luz a las mentes humanas,
Que la Luz descienda a la Tierra.

Desde el punto de Amor en el Corazón de Dios,
Que afluya amor a los corazones humanos,
Que Aquel Que Viene retorne a la Tierra.

Desde el centro donde la Voluntad de Dios es conocida,
Que el Propósito guíe a las pequeñas voluntades humanas,
El Propósito que los Maestros conocen y sirven.

Desde el centro que llamamos la raza humana,
Que se realice el Plan de Amor y de Luz
Y selle la puerta donde se halla el mal.

Que la Luz, el Amor y el Poder restablezcan el Plan en la Tierra.

Agradezco profundamente al profesor Angel Miguel (Guelo) Rivera Rolón el haberme recibido como familia en la Casa Museo Degetau y reconozco su inmensa labor altruista, salvaguardando el patrimonio cultural e histórico de Aibonito y la obra Degetau.

José Becerra y Angel (Guelo) Rivera



En testimonio de la Luz y al servicio del Plan,

José Enrique Becerra López

4 febrero 2019
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