Re: Synthesis, Agni Yoga and the Christ

Dear Duane:

Thank you for your thoughtful response. VBA’s intention was to share with spiritual aspirants, particularly those in preparation for the second and third initiations, an introduction to Agni Yoga, as he received it in his (Second Ray) Ashram.

The constant contemplation of life events, as archetypal symbols of an inner (usually hidden) reality, is key to this approach. In my presentation of the book for the general public

I emphasize this approach. I believe that the current emphasis on “mindfulness” is linked to the revelation of this new Yoga of Synthesis.

The advanced stage in the practice of Agni Yoga, which you very well related to the contemplation of dynamic geometrical constructs,


and which I also relate to DK’s teachings on the Technique of the Presence to dispel illusion,

I’ve included as appendices to VBA’s introductory guide.

Lastly, I’ve found it useful to visualize the Path of Initiation in terms of overlapping stages rather than rigidly demarcated milestones. As in college studies, one may master advanced graduate courses on specific subjects of our interest while still completing our undergraduate degree.  At the “terminal” degree level (third initiation for some, higher initiations for others), it will all add up.

Thank you so much for your work on the mystery of electricity and the study of dynamic geometrical symbolism, as they pave the ways into Shamballa and the revelation of the Buddhic plane.



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